Honey colored moss agate pendant and yellow and white internal lines

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Among the strangest varieties of quartz is mossy agate. It is one of the most outstanding precious and semi-precious stones for its aesthetic appearance.

Gem deposits

It is a jewel that is produced in various parts of the world, but the most frequent are Russia, Australia, India and the United States. One of the best known deposits is that of Montana Moss, coming from the Yellowstone River.

  • Honey colored moss agate pendant with yellow and white internal lines.
  • Mounting in 925 sterling silver
  • Stone cutting: circular
  • Accessory as a chain: natural pearls
  • Origin: Honduras western sector
  • Health benefit: Moss agate is considered a cool and upbeat stone. It is known for its connection with nature. It encourages communication and expression, promotes self-confidence and emotional balance, and helps in spiritual growth.

Mental benefits

This rock is said to be regenerative, perfect for giving a breath of fresh air. It is ideal to reconnect with loved ones, get in tune with them and convey more confidence. Eliminate hatred, resentment, and other negative feelings.

It is also effective in fighting fear and coping with critical or stressful situations.

Physical benefits

It is used for crystal therapy, since moss agate helps to defeat diseases. It stimulates the lymphatic system and improves the activity of neurons. It boosts the respiratory tract, strengthens the immune system and purifies the body's tissues.

As an additional benefit, it stimulates the body's digestive process.

Gem therapy

Those who believe in its energetic qualities turn to stone to rebalance their mind. It unlocks emotional knots, fosters the spiritual and mental level, in addition to warding off apathy.

However, whether or not you believe in these benefits, a stone will never substitute for medical treatment.